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SIGG Total Colour Water Bottle 600ml

SIGG Total Colour Water Bottle 600ml

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With four trendy colours in a sporty design and with a high quality SIGG logo embossing, Total Color was developed as a practical 600 ml bottle by SIGG in Switzerland. Whether for sports or on the way to work, the practical size ensures that you always have enough water to drink. Thanks to the innovative ONE-hand top with the extra-large WMB opening, it’s extremely comfortable to use: Carry, open, drink, close and seal conveniently with one hand – plus filling and cleaning the bottle is child’s play. It’s made of lightweight, durable Tritan that’s taste and odour-neutral. Naturally free of harmful chemicals, such as estrogen-mimicking substances and phthalates – for a safer drinking experience.

Height: 24.5 cm
Diameter: 7.3 cm
Weight: 155 g

Made in Germany

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