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LAD Weather 35L Backpack Water Repellent & Stain Resistant USB charging port included (Parallel Import)

LAD Weather 35L Backpack Water Repellent & Stain Resistant USB charging port included (Parallel Import)

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Size: H51cm x W32cm x D18cm

       Features include:

  • Waterproof, stain resistant, and oil-proof. The backpack is protected by TeflonTM fabric protector for maximum water and dirt resistance. When the backpack comes into contact with water, water will slip off its surface without soaking into it


  • Zipper opens wide for easy insertion and removal. The backpack is equipped with inner pockets to serve multiple needs
  • Thickness of the backpack can be adjusted by tightening the straps on the sides to achieve a balanced load from top to bottom
  • Reflective printed logo


  • Cushioned shoulder straps reduce strain on shoulders
  • Mesh material on the back of the backpack keeps you dry and comfortable especially in hot weather. Its uneven design allows air to pass through vertically to reduce heat
  • Chest belt can be tightened to increase stability. The buckle itself is a whistle which can be used to draw attention during emergencies


  • USB charging port allows phone or devices to be charged while the backpack is closed
  • Trekking pole loop at the bottom and elastic loop at the top allow trekking poles/ ice axes to be attached to the backpack


JIS Standards compliance

Tested according to JIS standards and proven to be
highly water-repellent, stain resistant. Based on water-repellent JIS L 1092
(spray method), it has acquired grade 4. Tested based on JIS L 1919, water
based stain resistance and stain resistance. The backpack has attained the
highest grade 5.0 easy to remove for water based stain resistance; grade 3.0
for oil based stain resistance; grade 4.0 easy to drop

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