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NKG Original Kefir Chewable 90 tablets (Best Before: Jan-2025)

NKG Original Kefir Chewable 90 tablets (Best Before: Jan-2025)

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Made in Japan
Content: 22.5g (250mg x 90 tablets)

Busy modern people often fail to eat a nutritious and balanced diet. Although fermented foods are known to have health benefits, but consistently consuming fermented foods everyday can be difficult. Original Kefir Chewable offers a convenient easy consumption of kefir.

3 tablets a day is recommended. You can either dissolve it in your mouth or chew it.

Ingredients :
Kefir powder (contains milk) (made in Japan), Reduced maltose starch syrup, Starch, Spore lactic acid bacteria powder, Sterilized lactic acid bacteria powder (contains milk), Butyric acid bacteria powder (contains milk and soybeans) / cellulose, Starch calcium phosphate, fine Silica

Storage: Avoid high temperature, high humidity and direct sunlight. Store in a cool place. Store at room temperature after opening.


1.     Fermentation is not required and you can take kefir anytime

Kefir is a fermented food said to have health and beauty benefits. Kefir's unique lactic acid bacteria and yeast coexist in a magical balance, making it a very rare thing in the world. Normally, kefir yogurt needs to be fermented for 24 hours, but original kefir chewable tablets can be easily taken when the craving strikes! Adults and children can easily obtain nutrition.

2.     Contains Butyric acid bacteria which promotes intestine health

Butyric acid bacteria are less familiar than lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria.
In fact, while good bacteria such as lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria are ingested to maintain the intestinal environment, butyric acid bacteria make the intestines weakly acidic by producing butyric acid, making it difficult for bad bacteria to live in and making it easier for good bacteria to thrive. In addition, the absorption efficiency of calcium and magnesium can also be increased by having a slightly acidic intestine. In this way, butyric acid plays a very important role in the intestinal environment.

3.     Adequate lactic acid bacteria contained in suggested daily intake

3 tablets of original kefir chewable have the same amount of lactic acid bacteria as one serving of yogurt! Support your daily beauty.


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